3 Signs You’re In The Wrong Co-Working Space

Your first clue: it's not Ormeau Baths.

On a more serious note, it's important that you find that you find the right co-working space to match your needs and to help cultivate the ideal working environment for you. Co-working is a powerful tool to connect, collaborate and grow your business. Naturally, the first step is sussing out the right space for you but what happens if you find yourself having chosen the wrong space?

Here are three signs that you're in the wrong co-working space:

You're struggling to make new connections

There are many variables that will make or break your experience within a co-working space. Of course, we all have different reasons for seeking out a co-working space and different things will have different levels of importance for different people. However, for the majority, the community is the number one benefit of a co-working space. The opportunity to build connections within a co-working space extends beyond business-related opportunities too. It's the chatting in the kitchen while making a cup of tea or having a chat across the desks about how you spent your weekend. It's knowing that there's always someone you can ask for help if you need and offer it in return.

If the only person who knows your name is the receptionist and the only variation in your day is going to the bathroom, you're not in the right co-working space. This isn't a co-working experience, this is an office rental experience. Granted, it's important that you put in some effort - attend events going on, sit in more interactive areas, try and engage with other members but if you're still not getting the community feel you joined for, maybe that's not the space for you.

You're uninspired

Another major perk of co-working spaces is being surrounded by like-minded, creative people. Co-working spaces thrive off collaboration and the contagious sense of innovation that comes with being among a community of passionate, self-sarters. When you look around your co-working space, do you feel inspired? Do you see people who motivate you to step up your game, do your best work and contribute to the community around you?

You're not going regularly or don't go at all

Worse still, you actually dread going. Uh oh, red flag. If you're not looking forward to going or have to talk yourself into it, it's the wrong space for you. Find you still prefer working in a coffee shop? Yep, wrong place. Counting down the days until your contract expires? Definitely wrong space.

Do any of these ring true for you? If so, chances are you're in the wrong co-working space. Trust your gut on this one. Co-working can be amazing and a total game-changer for your personal and professional growth. If you're not feeling that way yet, don't panic. Move on and find a space that does leave you feeling this way.

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