4 Ideas For Taking Your Business Virtual

If 2020 has taught us anything it's the importance of adapting to circumstances outside of our control. That and the fact that there's no better time to digi-proof your business and get creative with ways to take your business virtual. At this point of the year, most of us are starting to plan out our business goals for the year ahead. Taking into consideration that the pressure of the endless pivoting is starting to take its toll on our creativity.

To lighten the load we've pulled together some ideas to continue embracing the virtual reality of the working world through the coming months so that you can continue to thrive in your business regardless of COVID restrictions or anything else that should try to get in our way.

Link a chat box to your website

Just because face-to-fact interactions are now limited doesn't mean that customer service should be compromised. Particularly if your business has newly gone virtual, setting up a chat box allows you to easily communicate with customers as they adapt to changes within your business too. Although most businesses already have contact details listed on their website, including a live chat adds an extra layer of availability and support for your customers and clients. Make sure you include information about response times so that your customer knows how quickly they can expect to hear back from you. Take things a step further and set it up so that you have someone on your team readily available to respond to all queries as they come in.

Take your sales online

Selling online isn't just for those who sell physical products. Even if you're a service provider you can easily set up an online shop with a booking and check out system for your services. See our tips for using Calendly to easily automate and take your service consultations virtual in this post. With Calendly you can also integrate your booking system with video conferencing software so that everything you need to carry out your business services is right there at the click of a button - for you and your clients.

Create a subscription model

If you have services or products to offer, is there a way they can be bundled together as part of a subscription model? Can you create an exclusive service or hub of resources for customers to subscribe to? Think about how you can curate content, exclusive resources or any additional services that clients and customers can subscribe and pay for on a recurring basis.

Host a virtual event or webinar

When working on taking your business virtual, think about how you can go the extra mile for your customers right now. Events and workshops are a great way to stay connected to your customers and to bring in sales leads. At a time of year when we would be hosting festive get-togethers, get creative with how you can spread festive cheer with customers virtually this year. On generating leads, online workshops and events are a great way to educate potential clients on the services you offer or to promote a new product. Virtual events may call for a push for creativity in the planning stages but they also mean saving costs on venue hire and other event costs. Embrace it the fun of virtual events!