How To Prepare for A Productive Week As A Business Owner

All aboard the Monday motivation hype train! On this Monday morning, we'll be exiting the Procrastination Station, headed straight for Productivity Pier with a laser-focused landing for the week ahead.

Leaving the travel references there, for now, today we're sharing tips to help you get organized for your most productive week.

Organise your schedule ahead of time

There are few things more likely to knock you off the productivity hype than sitting at your desk on a Monday morning without a plan. That's why it's helpful to set aside some time either on a Sunday evening or first thing Monday morning to get clear on your tasks and deadlines for the following week.

Start by making sure all client meetings, events and social plans are clearly marked on your calendar. Then create your master list of tasks, split it into key areas and use the time-blocking technique outlined in this post to organise projects and plans for the week ahead.

Ditch distractions

Take time to notice when you're at your most focused and productive throughout the day. Maybe there's a slot before lunchtime when you know you're really in flow or maybe you get a second wind around 5pm. To make the most of these points in the day, ditching distractions is essential. Leave your phone in another room and block social media sites on your laptop so that you can stay in the zone without the temptation to get scrolling.

Make time to review your progress

As we started this post with a to-do list, let's bring it full circle with a final stage to the to-do list. At the end of your working day, take five or ten minutes to review your to-do list, check off things that you got done and reschedule the work you didn't get to. Not only will it show how much you've ticked off in one day but also how long certain tasks take to complete.

How do you prepare for a productive week? Share your tips below.