The Joys of Co-Working Spaces That Only Members Understand

As the immediate world around us in Northern Ireland returns to some form of normality I'm feeling all sorts of reflective and grateful for the Ormeau Baths community. I thought I'd dedicate today's post to the joys of co-working spaces that only members of Ormeau Baths can truly appreciate.

There's always someone around to have a chat with

Whether it's a rainy Monday afternoon and you need a laugh, a Friday lunchtime and you're looking for someone to skive off with or it's the morning of an important pitch and you really just need a last-minute pep talk, your fellow Ormeau Baths members have got your back. There's always someone around to have a chat with, lighten the load or have a gossip with over that Line of Duty finale.

There are some serious smart cookies around

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we combined all of the skills, strengths and ideas that existed among our members' brains. World domination? It's possible. If you ever catch yourself feeling uninspired, bored, or playing small in life, chat to your deskmate and prepare to have your mind blown. The walls of the Baths are bursting  with innovation, skills, insights and perspectives all around you. There's never a dull moment.

Your very own hype team

What's not advertised as part of Ormeau Baths membership benefits is the fact that a desk at Ormeau Baths also comes with your own pack of cheerleaders. Said cheerleaders will do wonders for your career and business, including introducing you to dream mentors, recommending you for projects, pep talks on demand and a team of supporters who will always encourage you to go for your dreams and push past your comfort zone.

Free food...all the time

You've got to love the Ormeau Baths breakfast mornings. On the first Monday of every month, members come together for bacon butties, sausage rolls, tea, coffee - the works. It's a great opportunity to catch up with members in other parts of the building, network with new members and if you're the newbie, an easy way to get chatting with fellow co-workers.

There's something extra special about Ormeau Baths, the people, the energy, the history of the building. It's more than a co-working space. It's a safe space that's allowed many talented entrepreneurs, creatives and Northern Irish businesses to grow and flourish and really explore their potential. It's a community like no other that harnesses kindness, community, and innovation at the heart of everything it does and for that, I'm grateful to have been part of it.