3 Coworking Space Amenities Will Change The Way You Work

Coworking spaces bridge the gap between the expense of a fully-fledged office and working from home. They provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration, an environment conducive to productivity and a place for solopreneurs and small businesses to flourish. And honestly, they just might totally transform the way you work - in all the best ways.

If the work from home life has got your dreaming of a world of working connecting, it may be time to start thinking about a coworking space to join in the post-pandemic world. Need some reassurance that yes, that is one of the best ideas you've had in the last year? Here you have it.

3 Coworking Space amenities that will change the way you work:

Networking and Workshops…

…right on your doorstep. No more scanning Eventbrite or wishing there was a workshop (or magician) available to support you through business stresses. At Ormeau Baths, supporting our community remains our top priority at all times. We regularly host community socials and workshops to help you grow your business and build connections to support you in your journey as a business owner.

Lack of community even pre-pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges faced by remote workers and freelancers. For those experiencing creeping feelings of loneliness as you continue to work from home, the flexibility of a coworking space may offer the ideal solution.

The diverse network that comes together to create a coworking community provides the opportunity to connect with more individuals and consequently helps to drive forward and expose you to more opportunities. Who knows where a conversation by the coffee machine will lead you.

24/7 Access

While we're all for healthy work boundaries, we all know that long hours come with the territory of running a business sometimes. For the days when you're in the flow with work and need to work a little later, 24/7 access can be a saviour. Flexible opening hours, also provides for those whose peak productivity hours fall outside of the traditional 9-5, night owls and early birds alike, meaning you can increase your productivity and retain the flexibility to build a work-life structure that works for you.

Creative workspaces

Whether it’s the flurry of meetings, the dedicated focus time, the 3pm slump or the high-energy brainstorming session, your energy levels and focus fluctuate through the day. Your workspace should reflect and accommodate that. Offering a solution that provides more workspace variety than a traditional office and more structure than a work from home set up, coworking spaces provide a blend of working environments.

At Ormeau Baths we have breakout spaces designed for creative or collaborative work, quiet areas when you’re in need of deep focus work along with meeting rooms and private offices for those who need them.

Coffee on tap

It would be wrong to write a post about the best amenities offered by coworking spaces and not give a very enthusiastic, grateful nod to our on-site coffee stop, Napoleon, fuelling our caffeine addiction without having to leave the building. Oh the efficiency, the productivity and the sweet, sweet nectar of Napoleon coffee. What's not to love? Read more about their story here.