Ormeau Baths Virtual Tour

Ormeau Baths is an amazing building, steeped in history and character. Everyone who steps through the doors admires the building for the original features that have been here since it was first opened as a baths and swimming pool in 1888.

We love to show the building off and giving tours to new people who come in but there aren’t enough hours in a day to give tours to every passer-by who comes in for a look and it’s hard to explain the magic of the building unless you see it for yourself.

With this in mind, we jumped at the opportunity for a 3D tour when it was suggested by the wonderful Emil, owner of Digital Strada.

Digital Strada is a company providing immersive experiences using 360° Photography, Drone Photography, 3D Virtual Tours and Advanced Virtual Experiences. The process of getting the 3D Tour was easy, a few hours over two weekends was all that was needed on our end and the results speak for themselves.

Our beautiful building is now available to virtually explore by anyone at any time of day, whether it be a curious passer-by or a potential new member, this 3D tour showcases the whole building and will be a great resource for years to come.

If you would like to check out the 3D Tour, click here. To look at Emil’s other projects or to work with him, his website can be found here.