Community Spotlight

Q. Name & Role
Sophie Adair, Operations Associate

Q. Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I'm a really creative person, so I have so many hobbies. I love film and I've been lucky enough to run film events. I'm also really into art, and in the past year have taken up ceramics in a studio space in Belfast. It really clears my head and its so rewarding seeing your end result come out of the kiln after weeks of work (although I'm running out of space in my house for all the pieces). I'm also massive foodie and have ran a veggie food/cooking instagram for years. I love creating recipes and one of my dreams is to publish a cookbook.

Q. What project or venture are you currently passionate about?

My background is in events and I'm so passionate about creating a real community feel within the workplace, so I'm really excited for the opportunity to assist and run events within OL, especially with the Founders Lab starting next week.

Q. How has being part of this community benefited your work or business?

OL is such an inspiring place to work and I've already had the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with so many inspiring members. I can't wait to learn more from them and explore potential business ideas!

Q. What are your professional goals for the next year?

My main goal is to really take the lead when it comes to events which bring our OL community together. I would also love to work with the team and members to potentially develop my business ideas. From my first week I've already experienced how different everyday here can be, so I'm really looking forward to growing as a person within this role and learning new skills from the team and our members.

Describe your ideal workday in three words.

Learning, collaborating and coffee-drinking.