5 Key Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Imagine colourful, light-filled workspaces, coffee on tap and a diverse network of people, hard at work at hot desks, breakout areas and meeting rooms.

Ah, coworking spaces. How sweet it is to work in a world where you exist.

As remote work and flexible work becomes more of a necessity, technology continues to advance and the corporate working world embraces change, the phenomena of coworking spaces continues to rise, growing as an own ecosystem of remote teams, established companies, startups, creatives and freelancers.

Take one look at the extensive benefits included in coworking life and it's easy to see why.

Enhanced productivity

Whether it's the flurry of meetings, the dedicated focus time, the 3pm slump or the high-energy brainstorming session, your energy levels and focus fluctuate through the day. Your workspace should reflect and accommodate that. Offering a solution that provides more workspace variety than a traditional office and more structure than a work from home set up, coworking spaces provide a blend of working environments.

At Ormeau Baths we have breakout spaces designed for creative or collaborative work, quiet areas when you're in need of deep focus work along with meeting rooms and private offices for those who need them.


While there are certainly plenty of benefits to working from home, there's no denying that there can be a whole host of distractions and tempations thrown into the mix too. The lack of structure usually established by our commute and the physical shift and boundary between the office and home life is also missing. With a coworking space, having somewhere to arrive and start your working day, leaving when that day is over, helps to solifidy 'work mode' within your day.

Increased creativity

Alongside the structure provided by a coworking space comes the increased creativity. Shifting locations that are more than just from your bedroom to the dining table, allows you to refresh your mind, reveal new ideas and consider alternative solutions to problems. Being in an energetic environment bustling with coworkers will spark greater creativity and allow inspiration to flow more freely.

Networking opportunities

Coworking spaces operate as a shared location where people with varying business ideas and experiences can get together and learn from one another. The diverse network that comes together to create a coworking community provides the opportunity to connect with more individuals and consequently helps to drive forward and expose you to more opportunities. Who knows where a conversation by the coffee machine will lead you.

Reduce isolation

When looking at the significance of small, seemingly irrelevant interactions on our sense of belonging - a quick chat with the barista, postman or a neighbour - research shows that our happiness increases. At a coworking space whether it's the front of house teem greeting you or the person at the hot desk next to you, these interactions fuel that same sense of belonging and can reduce the isolation often associated with working from home.