Meet our members

In this video series – produced by Matthew Thompson from Best of Belfast – we take a look at our wonderful members who make Ormeau Labs one of a kind, hear their inspiring stories, what they do and why they call this place home.

A full list of our members

  • Sync Imaging

    Sync Imaging supplies the highest quality of Commercial Photographic services.
  • Best of Belfast

    Best Of Belfast is a podcast that celebrates Northern Ireland and the incredible people in it.
  • U&US

    A specialist branding and web design studio, creating great things for good brands.
  • SQC

    We are a digital marketing agency who work with companies to build and grow their business online
  • The Pixel Mill

    The Pixel Mill is a collaborative co-working space in the Ormeau Baths Innovation Centre for game development teams from across Northern Ireland. Offering a ground-breaking incubation programme for UK and Ireland with industry mentorship, access to funding and links to local Universities. The Pixel Mill will also serve a larger role as a gaming community meeting place and a platform for local gaming initiatives. The Pixel Mill is funded by Northern Ireland Screen with support from the Department for the Economy.
  • Future Screens

    Responding to industry needs, Future Screens NI will deliver expert technical skills, opportunity and growth across film and broadcast, animation, games and immersive technologies and industries in Northern Ireland.
  • Geolytical LTD

    Geolytical Ltd is a Northern Ireland based company started by John Hewitt in 2016 and provides a plethora of services to its clients including qualifications and expertise.
  • Snapper

    Snapper Services has been creating modern and customer-focused public transport experiences since 2006. Our HQ is in Wellington, New Zealand, but you can find our partners and customers around the world. We believe that smart, effective public transport can build better cities and a more sustainable world.
  • Sensible Code

    We design and sell products that turn messy information into valuable data. We make Cantabular & PDFTables. We work with economists, statisticians and data managers to help them to improve their business operations using data science techniques and machine learning.
  • NUS

    The National Union of Students of the United Kingdom is a confederation of students’ unions in the United Kingdom
  • Artios

    Artios Global affects change through strategy, risk and evaluation services in the UK and worldwide
  • Royal Academy of Engineering

    Harnessing the power of engineering to build a sustainable society and an inclusive economy that works for everyone
  • Hat Trick Ltd

    Hat Trick is one of the UK’s most successful independent production companies, our output immediately identified with popular and award-winning programming
  • Seedling

    Seedling are experts in the design and development of educational games. Our authoring tool enables educators to create fun, engaging learning games, efficiently and at scale.
  • Teamworks

    Teamworks – the operating system for sports – is home to best-in-class products for each stage of the athlete lifecycle. It’s one complete solution that connects, focuses, and empowers support staff and athletes to drive team performance.
  • Machinery Partner

    We help American family businesses grow by finding, financing & maintaining their heavy equipment for generations to come.
  • Rare Space LTD

    Rare Space, your custom build estate agent. Looking to design your own home? See if custom build is right for you.
  • Scaffold Digital

    We create bespoke software solutions to streamline processes and improve engagement.
  • Eolas Medical

    Organise the world’s medical information, to make healthcare simpler, safer and smarter.